Hospoda 1867 is a beautiful family pub in peaceful nature around town of Vizovice close to road I/49 surrounded by hills and forests.

Large garden offers a great way how to be close to the nature even when weather is not very nice. Both children and they parents can play football on a small playground close to Hospoda, or play billiards. Although you are close to nature, you can also be close to the rest of the world thanks to Wi-Fi hotspot.

Of course you can have any drink you want, candies, ice cream and more. But I really recommend trying canned ermine (nakladany hermelin), that is well known all around and many people come back again and again to taste it.

During the year there are several village events, that could be interesting not only for locals - celebration of children day, campfires, football matches. The best way to know about them is to ask or watch this website.

If you looking for awnser, you may try FAQ or post us an email.

We are looking forward to meet you.

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